The Vintage Collection - Demure

The Vintage Collection - Demure - Richboyz

Our RBS2 collection entitled “DEMURE”  is now live.
Showcasing a curated approach to subdued hues flowing through
the modern wardrobe with classic and effortless style.
From asymmetrical hemlines to unexpected cutouts,
these alterations elevate the collection beyond simple basics.

The collection draws inspiration from a variety of sources,
from vintage designs to modern streetwear.
Each piece is an intricate blend of old and new,
taking classic styles and reimagining them for a contemporary audience.

DEMURE is visualized through iconic Richboyz staples and fabrications,
encompasses a variation of signature and up to date styles
inspired from the nuanced perspective of the past. 

This collection is a testament to the power of understated styles,
reimagined silhouettes, and  a neutral color palette,
the timeless offering covers all wardrobe demands.

An intricately developed 19-piece collection with an installment of 5 tones:
Smoke, Dune, Slate, Bone and Asphalt.
The RBS2 — The Vintage Collection — “Demure” is live on site,
so shop now and add some new and classic pieces to your wardrobe.

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